Inspired by the Fastest
Air-Breathing Manned Aircraft



This in-house invented system integrates automated design and optimization software, patented additive manufacturing driven processes, high accuracy automated assembly, and novel performance materials


Design Philosophy

The Czinger 21C uses in-line seating to create a fully engaged driving experience while providing the best orientation for performance driving.

Design Philosophy (cont.)

A single aerodynamically-inspired curve dominates the car's profile and flows naturally into a sculpted rear wing that creates the downforce to deliver the 21C's incredible driving dynamics. The body surfaces are shrink wrapped over a 3D printed chassis to create powerful fender forms that provide an aggressive and purposeful stance.


The 21C propulsion system is engineered from the ground up to provide the highest track-and street-based performance available. 

Featuring a flex fuel 11,000rpm redline 2.88L turbo v8 with the most specific power of any production engine at 323 hp/litre delivering a very low mass engine at only 309lb (140kg)



The 21C has a maximum of 550 ft-lb of torque, which is flat from 6,0000 to 10,000 rpm at a modest 21psi of boost for minimum lag.


Drive is through a seven-speed fully automated sequential transaxle with a hydraulically actuated multi-plate wet clutch